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We can provide our clients with different packages of Periscope Hearts and Followers in order to help you to reach your main goals. Do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your order in more details, we are always ready to adjust to your desires.

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Buy Periscope Followers and Hearts for you Marketing Strategy

Today, businesses, governments, international organizations, and public – everyone agrees that social media have changed our lifestyles, the ways we do things, not only how we communicate with the world around. Therefore, representatives of all companies develop new solutions for their customers, unusual strategies to reach the target audience.
One of the possible options is using Periscope. It is a novel, trendy strategy useful to interact with clients, involving creating and sharing a video, image, and other pieces of information that widely circulate among social media users.

Meeting Periscope
An app called Periscope is designed for both Android and iOS devices to allow their users stream video from smartphones for up to 24 hours. One of the app features helps individuals place the content on Twitter, which works seamlessly with it. The viewers, meanwhile, can like the video by giving “hearts.” The content with the largest number of “hearts” moves to popular videos list and becomes visible for more users.

Using the App for Marketing
It seems, and most experts agree with this point, that Periscope provides more innovative solutions for the users as compared to YouTube and other similar technologies. Twitter actually owns Periscope, so this tandem works perfectly if you want to get to your Twitter audience. This becomes a movement since more and more people are engaged. So, engaging your customers using this app is effective with using a crafted Periscope marketing strategy.

Getting to Know Periscope
The app has a remarkable functionality so that you could broadcast the sunset from the top of the highest building in the area just because it was beautiful. Of course, it would not be possible without Wi-Fi, but there are so many other things that you could show to others where Internet connection is stable. So, let’s consider the marketing Periscope plan that you can make with this app:

  • Latest Announcements: Announce a special promotion, company anniversary, or new service worth trying using the power of the social media almost at no cost.
  • Company Values: Let your employees tell everyone about the company values, show their workplace, and explain their mission.
  • Special Events and Holidays: Advertise promo codes on your Periscope video about St. Valentine’s Day, Easter Sunday, or Christmas Eve. So, you wish your clients happy holidays and reward them with something special.
  • Product Application: Show the target audience how to use your new product that you have announced earlier. A nice demo in Periscope will help individuals see more opportunities in using whatever it is.
  • Testimonials: People like companies that demonstrate how their clients like or dislike their products, so let a celebrity customer share his or her experience, answer people’s questions, and provide them with advice.
  • Comments and Feedback: Create a buzz around your new achievement, product, partner, etc. Periscope is perfect to draw public attention to everything that you think worthwhile.
  • Other Social Media: Periscope marketing usually involves Facebook and Twitter traffic increase, so this should be considered in the general marketing plan.

Broadcasting Like a Pro without Paying a Fortune
If your company cannot increase expenditure for creating and sharing promotional videos, try Periscope viral features. You can make something simple, yet elegant, and the app will do the rest.
The video stream should have a good hook and engage your target audience. Although people are always busy, they will notice something like that and remember about that video when they consider using something that you can help them with.
Thus, try Periscope to increase your social media presence, improve your image, and find new clients.