Why do I Need Periscope Followers?

Modern people spend more and more time in different social media. The statistics says that now almost one hundred million users visit Instagram every month while in future this number will constantly rise. It’s amazing, isn’t it? In spite of your education, business and social status, if you like to make videos, share them and watch the videos of different users, you are welcome to Periscope, a place where you can enjoy the communication using visual tools. Actually, to start you need followers for interaction. So, we are here to help. We’ll make your Periscope account popular having attracted a lot of followers within a short time.

Why do I Need Hearts?

When making real-time videos, we want to know whether it is interesting or not. Number of hearts is considered as a counter of followers’ positive or negative emotions after watching your videos. However, Periscope is a really big social media, so your Periscope activities can be just ignored and skipped if they have not many hearts.

Why Should I Choose MarketingPeriscope?

We know all advantages as well as hidden rocks of promotion on Periscope. Our high reputation makes us work hard meeting all clients’ requirements and needs. Every day we help more than 10k Periscope users to gain respect in that fast-growing social media. We promote your account while you can promote your art skills or even your own business. Give us a chance and you’ll be proud of the result.

Do You Work with Public Accounts?

For Periscope account promotion it should be public. Only in this way we’ll be able to attract new followers and likes. Anyway, if you need your account to be private, you can switch it to public just when we are promoting it and switch back to private as soon as we finish. This may take just a few hours.

Is There any Chance that My Account is Blacklisted after You?

No, your account cannot be blacklisted or banned because we are working according to all Periscope terms and conditions. Our services have never led to ban or any other problems.

Should I Provide My Periscope Password?

We never ask our clients to provide any private information. To render a service we need just your Persicope username.

How Can I Make a Payment?

You can easily pay our services using the credit or debit cards as well as take advantage of PayPal system. We are always dedicated to make all our services qualitative and effective.

Should I follow the followers you attract?

No! You just need to make an order. We are looking for the followers for you. As soon as we finish our part you are welcome to check the result and enjoy the social media promotion.

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